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Taco Bell Breakfast Crunch Wrap is a new menu item from Taco Bell. Taco Bell recently began to serve breakfast, here is one of their tasty new menu items.
Taco Bell Breakfast Crunch Wrap from

Years ago when I was in college the Taco Bell in Huntsville, Texas near the college had breakfast. Years ago I recall breakfast tacos I wished they would bring back. They had eggs, bacon, white gravy, and hash browns. For years and years I have hoped they would bring this back, I still wished they would bring back that taco. Instead, they now have a tasty breakfast Crunch Wrap, try one, and you won’t be disappointed.

These come in two different ways, you can get them with either bacon or sausage. I personally love the Taco Bell Breakfast Crunch Wrap in bacon. If you don’t eat meat, you could make one without the meat. Inside of this Crunch Wrap you will find crispy hash browns, bacon or sausage, cheese and some Taco Bell sauce. A flour tortilla is wrapped and cooked on a griddle until the tortilla just begins to brown. These flavors to so well together, you won’t be disappointed.

When you make these at home you may be able to do several at once so you can heat them up and heat them up before you go to work. I love to cook up a few meals on the weekends so I can save some money during the week because I don’t have to eat out. If you do have to make a stop in the morning and grab breakfast I promise this is a place you will want to grab breakfast.

For this recipe I suggest you make a batch of the Taco Bell sauce. The sauce is easy to make, and keeps in your refrigerator for about two weeks. You can either make homemade hash browns, or you can buy the frozen hash brown patties, and cook those. I personally think the loose homemade hash browns are a better choice because you can spread them out in the tortilla. I also like to bake my bacon for this recipe. If you don’t want to do that, you could use some real bacon bits.

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Popovers – Learn to Cook Fri, 18 Apr 2014 11:36:06 +0000 Popovers – Learn to Cook is a post from: CopyKat Recipes | Restaurant Recipes

You may be wondering what a popover is, well I have a simple popover recipe you will be certain to love. This video is part of my Learn to Cook Series where I will walk you through my entire Home Economics cookbook from junior high school.
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A popover is a light and hollow roll made from an egg batter, it is similar to Yorkshire pudding, and often baked in either a muffin tin or a popover pan. Either will work just fine, I have made these all of my life, and only recently did I opt for a popover pan. So I assure you, they really can’t necessary. Growing up my Mom always served her popover recipe as a savory treat (with butter), but I have read online you can serve these will jelly.

I think a good popover recipe means you can have a hot bread with a meal, with a small effort. I think these are easier to make than biscuits. What I really enjoy about popovers is that they take so few ingredients, you really can make these out of a decently stocked pantry. Biscuits are a dense bread you need to roll out, popovers you simply mix and pour into a muffin tin and bake. So I really think they are much easier to make.

If you want to get fancy with this popover recipe you could sprinkle in a Parmesan cheese, or some herbs. Some people even line their muffin tins with some drippings from a roast for additional flavor. Flavoring your popovers is optional, and you can do if you like. I personally just like the buttery popovers straight from the oven.

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TGI Friday’s Pretzel Sticks and Beer Cheese Dip Sun, 13 Apr 2014 22:18:48 +0000 TGI Friday’s Pretzel Sticks and Beer Cheese Dip is a post from: CopyKat Recipes | Restaurant Recipes

TGI Friday’s Pretzels and Beer Cheese Dip is a recipe that has been requested by so many people just like yourself. TGI Fridays is a casual restaurant I love. They have a wonderful bar, and a menu that is constantly changing all of the time.
TGI Friday's Pretzel Sticks and Beer Cheese Dip from

I can’t think of a restaurant that I enjoy more when it comes to a place where you can run into and have a couple of drinks and grab some really good appetizers. I love that their menu is always changing, and you never know what to expect when you go there. Along with adding new favorites they do a great job of keeping some of their best known dishes always on the menu. I love going here for a burger on the weekend, or stopping here for a drink after shopping.
Many of you requested this recipe, and I am happy to develop a new recipe for you. Here we are combining homemade pretzel sticks and an easy to make beer cheese dip. For this beer cheese dip, I am using Molson, but you can use any brand of beer that you like. I personally like a hearty beer so this was my choice for this recipe. I have done a similar beer cheese dip with Coors Light, Spaten Ocktoberfest, and a couple of others, all with good results. If you don’t drink beer, replace the beer with milk and you will have a tasty cheese sauce.

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Fried Apples – Learn to Cook Fri, 11 Apr 2014 01:18:42 +0000 Fried Apples – Learn to Cook is a post from: CopyKat Recipes | Restaurant Recipes

This recipe for fried apples is from my learn to cook series. So if you are a beginner cook this recipe is perfect for you. This is a recipe that I am cooking out of my old home economics cookbook.
how to make fried apples
I normally just stick with copy cat recipes, but when I was thumbing through my old home economics cook book I thought it would be a lot of fun to shoot beginner recipes through the whole book. There are over 250 recipes in my old text book so we will be going through a lot of recipes in the future.
Today we are going to visit fried apples. When I was growing up I can recall both my Mom and my Grandmother making “fried” apples. Now, “fried” apples, aren’t deep fried apples, they are apples cooked in a pan with some seasonings and butter. The apples release their juices and the apples take on a sugary sweet syrup, so you might wonder if they are a dessert or if they are a side dish. Both my Mom and my Grandmother made these all of the time as a side dish.
This recipe is very flexible with what type of apple you want to use. I have made this with Opal Apples, Red Delicious apples, or even Granny Smith apples.
I think the key is picking out the right apple. While you may be learning how to cook fried apples, you can pick out the perfect apple. You might wonder how to pick out the perfect apple. You want to look at the apple closely when at the store. Look for apples that aren’t bruised, and ones that have good coloring. You want to give them a gentle squeeze, you want make sure that they do not have any mushy spots. When you put them in your grocery cart, don’t just toss them in, gently place them in your cart or bag. When you get home store apples in your refrigerator, and wash just before serving. By washing them just before serving they won’t be wet, this can cause spoilage.
Learning how to cook fried apples is very simple. This is an easy recipe to make, and now you know how to pick out the perfect apple you are going to do a great job in cooking up some delicious fried apples.

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99 Deviled Eggs Thu, 10 Apr 2014 02:06:04 +0000 99 Deviled Eggs is a post from: CopyKat Recipes | Restaurant Recipes

I can’t imagine an Easter or even a family gathering without Deviled eggs. This seems to be the one dish you can take and the plate is always going to be empty. So check out these deviled eggs with me.
99 Recipes for Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are easy to make. I think their is so much variety in the deviled eggs it is amazing. You can prepare them in a variety of ways. You can make them with fresh herbs, mayonnaise, mustard, meats, cheese, and really just about anything you can stuff into that hollowed egg white.

I think the most important step in getting the deviled egg just right is properly boiling the eggs. No one likes it when the egg yolks are green. Green Eggs and Ham was a great book, but you don’t want to eat those. It is important to gently cook your eggs so the yolks are completely done, but they remain tender, and there is no discoloring of the yolk.

Classic Eggs

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Basic Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Eggs by Simply Recipes.

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Deviled Egg Dip.

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Paula Deen Traditional Southern Deviled Eggs.

Simple Deviled Eggs.

Easy Deviled Eggs.


Bacon Inspired Eggs

Chipotle Bacon Deviled Eggs.

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs.

Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Deviled Eggs.

Bacon Guacamole Deviled Eggs.

Bacon and Deviled Eggs.

Bacon Loves Shrimp Deviled Eggs.

Bacon Balsamic Deviled Eggs.

Bacon Deviled Eggs with White Truffle Oil.

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs

Bacon Deviled Eggs.

Bacon and Cheese Deviled Eggs.

Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs.


Exotic Eggs

Curried Stuffed Eggs.

Shrimp Wasabi Deviled Eggs.

Parsi Deviled Eggs.

Caviar Deviled Eggs.

Truffled Deviled Eggs.

Far East Deviled Eggs.

Truffled Deviled Eggs with creme fraiche.

Caramelized Onion Prosciutto Deviled Eggs.

Thai Deviled Eggs.

Moroccan Deviled Eggs.

Spanish Deviled Eggs.

Sauteed Mediterranean Deviled Eggs

Apricot Curry Deviled Eggs.


Spicy Eggs

Mexican Deviled Eggs.

Fiery Deviled Eggs.

Chipotle Lime Deviled Eggs

Jalapeno Deviled Eggs.

Horseradish Deviled Eggs.

Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

Sriracha Deviled Eggs.


Fancy Eggs

Crab Deviled Eggs.

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs.

Prosciutto & Arugula Deviled Eggs.

Smoky Deviled Eggs with Greek Yogurt.


Fun Eggs

Easter Deviled Eggs.

Christmas Deviled Eggs.

Devil Eggs.

Spooky Spider Eggs.

Hop To It Deviled Eggs.

Patriotic Deviled Eggs.

Easter Eggs.



Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs.

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs.

Pan Crisped Deviled Eggs.

Pesto Stuffed Eggs.

Peanut Butter Deviled Eggs

Smoky Deviled Eggs with Greek Yogurt.

Deviled Eggs with Capers and Parsley.

Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs.

Shrimp Deviled Eggs.

Dill & Lemon Deviled Eggs.

BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs.

Loaded Deviled Eggs.

Guacamole Deviled Eggs.

Cream Cheese Deviled Eggs.

Angelic Deviled Eggs.

Old Bay Deviled Eggs.

Da Bomb Deviled Eggs.

Spinach Artichoke Deviled Eggs.

Southwest Deviled Eggs.

Pesto Deviled Eggs.

Tarragon Mustard Deviled Eggs.

Old Bay Deviled Eggs.

Avocado Deviled Eggs.

Ranch Deviled Eggs.

Smoky Deviled Eggs..

Caesar Deviled Eggs.

Tarragon Mustard Deviled Eggs.

 Devilishly Deviled Eggs.

Labneh & Dukkah Deviled Eggs.

Guiltless Deviled Eggs.

Creole Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Tea Eggs.

Pimento Cheese Stuffed Deviled Eggs.

Healthy Deviled Eggs

Mom’s Deviled Eggs.

Hummus Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Eggs Three Ways

Avocado and Cilantro Deviled Eggs.

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