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macaroni and cheese with bacon and truffle oil

Truffle Macaroni and Cheese Bacon Hot Dog inspired by Disney Hollywood Studios

This Truffle Macaroni and Cheese Bacon Hot Dog was inspired by a recent trip to Disney. I have friends that are Disney fanatics. Vacationing is often spent at Disney parks…

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New Jersey Rib with Chili Coffee Rub

BBQ Beef Chili Rub & Coffee Cure

Sometimes you find a new favorite recipe, this is my new favorite recipe, BBQ Beef Chili Rub and Coffee Cure. This recipe is from Tim Byres, owner/chef of Smoke and…

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Honey Baked Ham

How to make a Honeybaked Ham

Have you ever wondered how to make Honeybaked Ham? Honestly, these are some of the best hams you can get, but you may not live near one, and they can…

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sandwich with crisp bacon

How to Bake Bacon

Have you ever wondered how you could bake bacon? I normally have breakfast out, I am not a morning person, and making coffee and wearing matching clothes is pretty much…

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bowl of roasted brussels sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Roasted Brussels sprouts are a real treat. Maybe you haven’t had brussels sprouts since you were a child, maybe you only had them steamed or boiled, I promise, if you…

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Cracker Barrel Eggs in the Basket

Cracker Barrel Egg in a Basket

Who doesn’t love going out for Breakfast? The Cracker Barrel was a new find for me. This classic we have all enjoyed while growing up has been reinvented by the Cracker…

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boeuf bourguinon recipe by julia child

Boeuf Bourguignon by Julia Child

Boeuf Bourguignon is a hearty dish cooler weather. Most often I post recipes that I have developed, honestly, this recipe is one I have made for over 15 years now. I love…

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Chinese Crunch Salad

Asian Crunchy Slaw

Looking for something to bring to a pot luck or even to your next picnic, this Asian Crunchy Slaw is perfect? This salad is perfect for when you want to…

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chinese salad

No Guilt Chinese Chicken Salad – this salad is light, healthy, and full of flavor.

My wife and I love Wendy’s Mandarin Salad. She is diabetic so I had to come up with some thing she could eat. This tastes as good as original with…

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pumpkin pie on steriods

Pumpkin Pie on Steroids – cake mix and nuts really ramps up the pumpkin pie flavor.

This is an old family recipe it so good that we call it pumpkin pie on roids.  What makes this pumpkin pie so special is the addition of a yellow…

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Turtle Trifle

Turtle Trifle – make a rich and creamy dessert filled with chocolate, nuts, and caramel.

Turtle Trifle is mascarpone cheese, whipping cream, nuts, chocolate, and caramel sauce make up a wonderfully rich dessert.  Everyone will want to know where you got this recipe for Turtle…

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cooked cabbage with sausage and bacon

Fried Cabbage and Sausage – you can make an old fashioned meal anytime at home.

Main dish with cabbage, onion, bacon, and polish sausage.  This is a hearty meal that tastes so good.  Enjoy this recipe.

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Spaghetti puu

Spaghetti Puttanesca – make this classic Italian dish at home.

An authentic Italian recipe! This dish is originally from Southern Italy. It is my family’s favorite because many of the ingredients are added just before serving and it gives me…

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whole chicken

Southern Lady’s Chicken Turnovers – don’t let these southern treats pass you by.

This is a recipe taken from the Southern Lady—everyone loves these easy-to- make turnovers. They are not only delicious, but beautiful!

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Namas from Cape York – spicy pickled fish is at your fingertips.

Pickled fish is a real treat, and you can make this anytime, and best of all this stays fresh in the refrigerator. Namas from Cape York Thank you to artdude…

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