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Organize your pantry

Organizing Your Pantry

The following article is written by Ellen Delap, she is a lady who I am working with in trying to get my office space, and other areas organized in my…

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homemade peanut butter

How to make homemade Peanut Butter

You might wonder how to make homemade peanut butter. I have to tell you it is very simple. Incredibly simple to make, but fresh peanut butter tastes amazing. I will…

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how to Velveeta cheese

How to make Velveeta Cheese

You might have wondered what in the world is Velveeta cheese, while I can fully solve this mystery, I can show you how to make cheese just like it. Smooth…

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Foodie Pen Pal Match

November Foodie Penpal Exchange

First off, this is not a recipe, this is about a fun foodie pen pal exchange I took part. Don’t you just love getting a box in the mail? I…

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low calorie red pepper butter

Low Fat Roasted Red Pepper Butter

So, my current goal is to lose some extra weight. I must say, I don’t do this easily, or at times willingly. I love the summer time, it means roasted…

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homemade spicy dill pickles

How to make homemade Spicy Dill Pickles

How to make dill pickles is a post that has been rolling around in my head for a very long time.   I have been unable to separate cooking and…

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individually wrapped hot dogs

Products that Frustrate – Individually Wrapped Hot Dogs

Products that frustrate are products that I don’t quite understand at the grocery store. Here is another one, Individually wrapped hot dogs. I don’t really understand the need for these.

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gallons of unsweet tea

Products that Frustrate – Gallons of Un-Sweet Tea

There are products in the grocery store that make me shake my head, and wonder why. Gallons of un-sweetened tea is a product I just don’t understand.

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cookies at a cookie exchange

How to Host a Cookie Exchange

So maybe you have heard of cookie exchanges, and maybe you have thought about hosting one yourself.  Cookie exchanges are a wonderful way to get together with your friends and…

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Fines Herbs

Fines Herbs is a blend of herbs that are used in many chicken dishes, and much more. These can be one of the herb blends that can be harder to…

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spice kit

Products that frustrate

I am all about saving time when it comes to preparing a meal at the end of the day, so many of us work hard, come home, and simply want…

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Fast Food Burgers

Do you have a favorite fast food burger?  What do you look for in a fast food burger?  A recent trip to Five Guys Burgers got me to thinking.

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How do CopyKat recipes compare with the restaurant recipes?

An Arizona TV station compares CopyKat recipes with the restaurant recipes, who wins? CopyKat recipes are preferred over the restaurant originals. You can see that cooking at home is the…

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what is oleo

CopyKat Answers – What is Oleo Margarine?

I actually get asked this question very frequently, what is Oleo? A lot of older recipes call for Oleo. We all love recipes that we grew up with, but sometimes…

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cajun spices

Red Lobster Cajun Spice Mix

Red Lobsters makes a flavorful, and not too spicy, cajun seasoning. This goes well on top of shrimp, chicken, fish, or sprinkled on top of baked potatoes or even corn…

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