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how to make fried apples

Fried Apples – Learn to Cook

This recipe for fried apples is from my learn to cook series. So if you are a beginner cook this recipe is perfect for you. This is a recipe that…

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chocolate fondue recipe

Melting Pot Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Who doesn’t love the Melting Pot? I am going to show you a CopyKat recipe for the Melting Pot’s Chocolate Fondue. If you have never been to a Melting Pot…

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chocolate ice cream candied orange

Crazy Halloween Candy in a Bowl – Recipe inspired by Domenica Tartufo

First, let me be honest, when I say inspired here, I mean very loosely inspired. The Domenica was a lovely restaurant I recently met several bloggers when I went to…

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Strawberry Shortcake with Twinkies

Twinkie Shortcake

Twinkies are back. Now what are you going to do? I am going to turn mine into strawberry shortcake. Yes, these sponge cake treats are back. They are in stores….

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a minty shake like mcdonalds menu item

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is one of their best-known menu items. This minty ice cream treat makes an annual appearance for St. Patrick’s Day. If you wanted to make one yourself,…

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Red Velvet cakes and cream cheese

Denny’s Red Velvet Puppies with Cream Cheese Icing

Denny’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies with Cream Cheese Icing is a new menu item that is appearing on their Hobbit inspired movie menu. You can create these delicious Red Velvet…

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Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Homemade Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups

Homemade Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups was my first organic ice cream that I have ever made. Thanks to Unreal Candy I can now make an ice…

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bacon beer jarlsberg cupcake

Bacon Beer and Cheese Cupcakes

Bacon Beer and Cheese Cupcakes, yes, that’s right. I haven’t lost all of my marbles. I was recently on a team of some vary talented bloggers, Stephanie Nuccitelli of 52KitchenAdventures,…

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cheesecake with butter cream frosting

Cheesecakes with Buttercream frosting

Cheesecakes with butter cream frosting make for a delicious and beautiful Valentine dessert. The inspiration for icing the cheesecakes came from The Strip House, which is a very nice steakhouse…

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homemade Cherry Coffee Cake

Homemade Cherry Coffee Cake

Homemade Cherry Coffee Cake is a treat my grandmother used to make when I was growing up. I knew when ever I went to visit, homemade baked goods were in…

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fake apple pie

Mock Apple Pie

Mock Apple Pie is a recipe that has been sitting in my recipe box for a long time.  Actually this recipe was one that was in my Grandmother’s collection.  I…

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pumpkin custard with pumpkin

Cracker Barrel Pumpkin Custard N’ Ginger Snaps

Cracker Barrel Pumpkin Custard N’ Ginger Snaps is a seasonal offering at the Cracker Barrel Old Country store. Looking for something other than pumpkin pie? This is a rich and…

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pumpkin pie dip and gingersnap cookies

Pumpkin Pie Dip

Pumpkin Pie Dip is one of my favorite holiday recipes. This tastes like a pumpkin cheesecake, but it is much less work than a whole pumpkin cheesecake. A couple of…

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ice cream cone

Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream

Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream has to be one of my favorite ice creams. I have such a large affinity for cake batter, I am the one who…

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cinnamon roll pops

Cinnamon Roll Pops

Cinnamon Rolls Pops is a recipe I totally got my inspiration from the blog called Ice Cream Before Dinner’s Cinnamon Roll Pops. I thought her cinnamon bun pops were cute,…

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