Honey Almond Baked Opal Apples from CopyKat.com

Baked Opal Apples

My love affair with the Opal Apple continues. I personally love this amazing apple. These Opal apples are best known because they are resistant to browning, but their flavor is…

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Opal Apple Pie Tacos from CopyKat.com

Opal Apple Pie Tacos

Are you looking for fun way to serve dessert? These Opal Apple Pie Tacos are an amazing way to serve up these crisp and flavorful apples. Your whole family will…

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Easy Homemade Apple Crisp from CopyKat.com

Homemade Apple Crisp

You may be looking for an easy recipe for homemade apple crisp. This is a wonderful dessert you can make, and nothing beats the smell of a fresh apple crisp…

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