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how to make a twix bar

Homemade Twix Bar Recipe

Twix bars have always been a favorite of mine. Twix bars have buttery shortbread cookies covered in caramel, and then dipped in chocolate. I think they combine my favorite cookie…

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Santa Hat Pretzels

Santa Hat White Chocolate Pretzels

Santa Hat White Chocolate Pretzels are a fun and easy Christmas recipe to make. You need a few simple ingredients and you will be soon making plenty of these Santa…

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chocolate bark with peppermint

Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark

Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark is a well-known holiday treat. This combines both dark chocolate, and white chocolate, peppermint candies, and a bit of peppermint oil. It is hard to beat…

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plate of chocolate covered strawberries

Love Bites – Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a favorite treat to make. Why not make some for your special Valentine? You can make these chocolate covered strawberries easily at home, these would be…

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Chocolate Truffles

Sweets for my Sweetie – How to make chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles are rich and creamy mouthfuls of soft chocolate. Chocolate truffles in the stores, if you can find them often are very expensive, but with a little time and…

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plate of peanut brittle

Quick and Delicious Peanut Brittle

This is very crunchy and will keep in a tight fitting container for several weeks.  Candy making doesn’t have to be hard.

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Silver Dollar City’s Fool’s Gold – you can make special candy anytime.

This candy is found at the expensive candy stores in the mall and with out the chocolate coating at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Very easy to make at…

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White Trash Candy

Lots of White Trash – what’s better than a treat made with all of our childhood favorites?

If you like chocolate covered Oreo cookies, you will enjoy this snack mix.  You can substitute the candy for Reeses Pieces or use Captain Crunch cereal instead of Fruit Loops….a…

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Brickle – make chocolate candy at home. It is easy to make candy!

Sweet and crunchy candy-type snack that you can make quickly at home. Brickle

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Sugar and Spice Pecans

Sugar and Spice Pecans – These are the candied nuts that you find in malls, fairs, and at airports.

Walking through an airport, fair, or even some shopping malls, we have all seen the nut vendors.  These are so expensive to buy, but guess what, you can make these…

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Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed milk is easy to make. This is another great recipe for this sweetened condensed milk. This recipe for Sweetened Condensed milk was graciously submitted by Vikke Keith. Making…

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Deep Fried Candy Bars

Ok, their is a way to take store bought candy bars to another level, you deep fry them. Popular at fairs, you can make this at home.

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pieces of Walnut Fudge

Mrs. Fields Decadent Chocolate Walnut Fudge

This is a tasty treat. This one was literally tried and tested over 10 times until we got this right. This features a soft texture, and a complex chocolate flavor….

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Cool Whip Candy

Another great way to use Cool Whip.

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fannie mae caramels

Fannie Mae Caramels

Fannie Mae Candy company has long been known for their creamy caramels.  You can make these at home.  These are soft and chewy delights. Fannie Mae Caramels

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