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pesto made with pecans

Alonti’s Pecan Pesto Pasta

Alonti’s Pecan Pesto has been a favorite of mine for a long, long time. Pesto is a wonderful sauce to make for pasta or even to serve with a grilled…

Baked Pasta with beef in a dish

Olive Garden Baked Pasta Romana with Beef

Olive Garden Baked Pasta Romana with Beef features curly lasagna noodles in a rich creamy Fontina-Asiago sauce topped with succulent roast beef.  This is a baked pasta dish that is…

pasta with lemon cream sauce

Sweet Tomatoes Lemon Greek Penne Pasta

Sweet Tomatoes makes everything up nice and fresh, their Sweet Tomatoes Lemon Greek Penne Pasta is no exception.  Whenever you make up a fresh pasta sauce, it just tastes better. …

Pastavilla Recipe Contest

Pastaville Recipe Contest

garlic, eggs, and pasta

Garlic, Eggs, and Pasta

Garlic, Eggs, and Pasta is a dish I have been making for almost 20 years now. If you don’t have a lot in your pantry, I bet you can make…

Alfredo Sauce

Pasta House Co. Fettuccine Alfredo

The Pasta House Company Fettuccine Alfredo is delicious and it is easy to make. You don’t have to search for any special ingredients to make an Alfredo sauce that tastes…

Four Cheese Manicotti

Four-Cheese Manicotti – a cheesy and meaty hearty pasta dish perfect anytime.

This is a wonderful dish to make for company, or even to make ahead, and reheat for later.  Cheese and meat fill large manicotti shells.  Enjoy this classic Italian dish…


Johnny Carino’s Artichokes and Angel Hair Pasta

You can put together a hearty, healthy meal quickly with garlic, Roma tomatoes, artichokes, and more—in no time!

chicken with gorgonzola sauce

Biltmore Estate Chicken Breasts Over Rigatoni – rich Gorgonzola sauce covers grilled chicken and pasta.

The Gorgonzola sauce makes for a wonderfully rich sauce go to along with this chicken.  Add a fresh salad to this, and you will have a meal that can fill…

grilled chicken breasts on a plate

Macaroni Grill Sugo Bianco – grilled chicken with a creamy Asiago sauce and pasta.

Macaroni Grill doesn’t offer this pasta and chicken dish any more, but you can enjoy this dish anytime you like.

The Pasta House Co. Vinaigrette – there really is no need to buy bottles of salad dressing.

Vinaigrette is one of the simplest salad dressings to make.  If you like you could add some garlic, or other fresh herbs to this for an added touch.

The Pasta House Co. Special Salad – you can have a restaurant style salad any night of the week.

The Pasta House Co.  really knows how to make a delicious salad.  This one has everything but the kitchen sink in it.  If you do not have everything, or even…

The Pasta House Primavera

The Pasta House Co. Penne Primavera

The Pasta House Co. is known for its very tasty Italian food.  This Penne Primavera is no exception.  The fresh veggies makes this a wonderfully light and healthy dish.

plate of pasta

Black Kettle`s Pasta with Garlic Butter Recipe – make a simple pasta dinner with just a few ingredients that tastes like you put a lot of work into your dinner.

Are you ever looking for a dinner that tastes like you put a lot of time into this, but you can literally throw this together so quickly.  I bet you…


Chopmist Charlies Pasta Priscilla

Chopmist Charlies is located in Jamestown.  This is a perfect dish to make when you are wanting to cook a hearty dinner in a few minutes.  Baby spinach, diced tomatoes,…