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Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes have to be one of the best ways you can prepare potatoes. They are perfectly seasoned with salt, pepper, and onion, and then fried to a perfect golden…

cinnamon roll pancakes

IHOP Cinn-a-Stack Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? These pancakes combine both the pancakes and cinnamon rolls. These pancakes have a creamy sweet cinnamon layer between the pancakes. Instead of syrup these are topped…

pancakes with banana cream and fresh bananas

IHOP Banana Caramel Pancakes

The IHOP Banana Cream Pancakes are one of IHOPS fun and creative pancakes. These are made with their famous pancake batter, banana cream, caramel, and fresh bananas. The banana cream…

ihop pumpkin spice pancakes

IHOP Pumpkin Pancakes

The IHOP Pumpkin Pancakes are one of my favorite pancakes from the IHOP. These pancakes remind me of pumpkin bread, which is moist and wonderfully spiced with cinnamon, clove, allspice,…

mixing pancake puppy

Denny’s Blueberry and White Chocolate Pancake Puppies

Denny’s pancake puppies are from Denny’s, and Denny’s is the first restaurant I know that is selling an appetizer for breakfast, those appetizers are Denny’s pancake puppies. Denny’s Pancake puppies…

potato pancakes cooking

Potato Pancakes

These were a favorite of mine that my grandmother would make when I was growing up. Be sure to serve up with applesauce and sour cream.

plates for apple pancakes

Cousins Heritage Inn Apple Pancakes

If you have never tried Apple Pancakes, you are missing out on a real special breakfast. These Apple Pancakes are perfect for fall. Cousins Heritage Inn is located in Dexter,…

Alton Brown's Perfect Pancakes

IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes

You can make IHOP buttermilk pancakes just like they do—it is easy to do! We are proud of this long-awaited creation. Enjoy these famous pancakes at home! You can make…

Alton Brown’s Perfect Pancakes

Hands down, Alton Brown’s Perfect Pancakes, I have found the most perfect pancakes. Here is Alton Brown’s perfect pancake recipe. I can’t even begin to say how tasty these are….

sweet cheese filled pancakes

Cheese Blintz

If you have never had a cheese blintz before you are missing out on a wonderfully sweet treat. These are crispy on the outside and so sweet and creamy on…

Red Velvet cakes and cream cheese

Denny’s Red Velvet Puppies with Cream Cheese Icing

Denny’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies with Cream Cheese Icing is a new menu item that is appearing on their Hobbit inspired movie menu. You can create these delicious Red Velvet…

an eggnog shake with whipped cream and a cherry

McDonald’s Eggnog Shake

McDonald’s Eggnog Shake is one of the items on McDonald’s menu that comes out around the Christmas holidays. Over the years their shakes have only tasted better and better, and…

ice cream, maple flavored syrup and bacon

Denny’s Bacon Maple Sundae

Denny’s Bacon Maple Sundae is a unique ice cream sundae available only at Denny’s.  Your first reaction may be, I am not eating ice cream with maple flavored syrup, and…

Alton Brown's Perfect Pancakes

What is your favorite meal to eat at a restaurant?

So often we love to go out to eat, we got out to eat for many different reasons.  Sometimes we go out to celebrate special birthdays, sometimes we go out…

potato pancakes


This recipe is by Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas.