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ManPan’s Giveaway – Sign up to Win

I am very excited to announce this week ManPan’s will be giving away to one of our viewers one of their wonderful pans.  I have been using my pans for almost two months now.  I love my ManPans Wok.  This pan has become my goto pan, I have used this pan to grill steaks, cook bacon, prepare soups, and I have grilled more ground meat and sausage in this pan than you can imagine.  Why do I love my new pan?
Man Pan used to stir fry veggies

The handles don’t get hot.  I have a really nice set of pans that are stainless steel, but I have burned myself on those pans more times than I care to mention.  These handles never get got.

The handles have a good grip, don’t you want to be able to grab a pan, and easily flip around your ingredients without a utensil just like a chef?  Well, you can with this pan, it is so easy to do.  This firm handle that doesn’t get hot makes this so easy.

Food doesn’t stick in this pan, if you have used stainless steel, you know that from time to time, things stick in your pan, well not in this one.  This special coating doesn’t allow for food to get coated onto your pan.

This pan heats evenly and quickly.  You don’t have to wait too long for this pan to be ready to start your cooking.

I haven’t been this enthused about cookware in awhile.

Do you want your chance to win this wonderful pan?  All you need to do is to subscribe to our mailing list, and guess what you will be entered to win one of these terrific pans.  Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up to win a free pan from the folks at .

Please note, the winner has been drawn, once they respond I will announce the winner

  • Barbara

    OK, I signed up, hope I win, I have been shopping on line for some new pans. The cast iron skillets I have now are just getting too heave for me. ( age creeping in) I bought a couple pan and do not care for them, so I just was reading about your pans and they sound great. But burned once so a bit afraid to just order some again and not know for sure and see them.

  • Llane411

    I need ths! :)

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  • Ron

    Signed up for the newsletter. Hope I win a manpan. Just a beginner but I would sure be the envy of the kitchen with one of these tools. Spent almost a hour on the Manpan website. Hope. Hope. Hope! :)

  • angela

    Love the pan. I am now a subscriber.

  • kathie

    I’m signed up too! Sounds like a fabulous discovery

  • J. Muir

    Duly subscribed! Is your contest open to those in Canada? :)

    • Stephanie

      Why would we exclude our fellow Canadian friends?

  • Donna

    This pan woul be great to use, I ‘m signed up now!

    • Stephanie

      Good luck to you!

  • dixie smith

    I LOVE that you not only read your e-mail notes, but you respond to them as well~! Refreshing!!! Thank you, Mam!! Love your recipes~keep up the good work~You make it easier for us!!!

    • Stephanie

      Of course I respond 😉 I love the input from folks like you! If you like a particular recipe, please leave a note on the recipe. This way I get to know what y’all like and don’t like.

  • Marilynn

    anxious to try these new pans! Love the give a way

    • Stephanie

      These pans really are great! Mine is in constant use.

  • Cyndi

    This pan looks amazing and I could really use one! Signing up now…if I haven’t already 😛

  • Karen

    Thanks for all the work you do here. I appreciate it

    • Stephanie

      Thank you for being here! I really am deeply appreciative of my audience! You guys make this possible!

  • Pam

    I signed up last week does that count??

    • Stephanie

      Of course that counts, as long as you are a list member, when the member is randomly selected, you are eligible!

  • Vicky

    Oooo, I just signed up and didn’t even know about this.

  • Karen Pilcher

    I am already on the mailing list. I sure hope that ths counts. The pan sounds terrific and i am sure I will put it to very good use, given the opportunity. What a fantastic giveaway.
    I still remember the good old days when you first started out. You have come a long way baby.

    • Stephanie

      Thank you Karen for your lovely comment!
      If you are on the mailing list already, you are currently signed up for the opportunity to win this wonderful pan.

  • Ellynn

    Just signed up! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Stir Fry Wok

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve attached the link to the 12 inch stir fry wok steamer set that you have been using for easy reference. This prize has a SRV of $154. Very pleased to hear that it has become your “go to” pan.


  • Christopher Sorel

    signed up and nice pan

  • Christopher Sorel

    Look like great pans and signed up. Thanks for great giveaway

  • Monique

    Thank you!! Signed up, keeping fingers crossed, would love to win a pan as it seems they are not coming on the road to my area anytime soon.

  • http://Website(optional) Wilma

    I already receive your email newsletters. I really hope i win that great pan

  • pAULA

    Signed up for your newsletter and for the manpans newsletter. Great looking pans

  • Robin Crittenden

    Hi Stephanie,
    I already get an email from you but will sign up again just in case.


  • Fran Sims

    I love to cook and bake, it helps me relax and feel stress free. This is a great pan, I could stir up some tasty dishes in it that would make my husband very happy.

    • Stephanie

      Be sure to sign up to the mailing list for so you can be entered to win!
      Good luck!

  • http://Website(optional) Randi

    Already subscribed with my Omea Reader! :) Those pans look so nice!

    • Stephanie

      Please be sure you are signed up to the mailing list, not the RSS feed reader, I can’t locate your email address if you just read the feed!

  • geri samuel

    Love this giveaway! I would make a stirfry!
    I tweeted subscribed and liked! Would LOVE to win!

    • Stephanie

      It’s a really great pan! Good luck!

  • Kimberly Wood

    It looks like a really nice pan. Thanks for the cool giveaway!!

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