Spaghetti Warehouse Spaghetti with Garlic Butter

Spaghetti Warehouse Spaghetti with Garlic Butter has been a recipe many of you have requested for quite some time now. I had honestly never stepped inside a Spaghetti Warehouse until very recently, they have charming restaurants. The Spaghetti Warehouse is a chain of Italian restaurants that serves up delicious food with an old-fashioned atmosphere that you are certain to enjoy. The Spaghetti Warehouse combined old world Italian food with fun and festive atmosphere. I love that they serve up sourdough bread with garlic butter when you sit down, their sourdough bread is some of the best that I have had recently.

Spaghetti Warehouse Spaghetti with Garlic Butter Recipe
Recipe is pictured with linguine; you can prepare your recipe with spaghetti

Often people just like yourself email me their requests, and one copycat restaurant recipe request I got over and over again was for the Spaghetti Warehouse Spaghetti with Garlic Butter. This restaurant recipe is perfect to make at home, the Spaghetti with Garlic Butter can be made with just a few simple ingredients. You can make this copycat recipe at home, quite easily, all you need is some pasta, butter, garlic, Romano cheese, and some fresh Parsley. You can even prepare this sauce ahead of time, and when you are ready simple cook up some pasta, and reheat the sauce whenever you are ready.

Spaghetti Warehouse Spaghetti with Garlic Butter

When making this sauce, I suggest you cook this sauce slowly, so the raw taste of the garlic cooks out completely. This garlic butter would taste delicious on garlic bread.

You really can make a simple copycat recipe for dinner. This is an inexpensive dinner you can make, simply add a salad and maybe some bread, and you have a complete hearty meal. Do you have a weeknight meal you and put together in no time? Please share your tips on making a quick dinner during the week.

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Spaghetti Warehouse Pasta with Garlic Butter

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  • Recipe Type: Copycat Restaurant Recipes, CopyKat Recipes, Pasta Recipes
  • Prep time:10 minutes
  • Cook time:15 minutes
  • Serves: 2
Spaghetti Warehouse Pasta with Garlic Butter

Looking for a meatless dinner? This Pasta with garlic butter that tastes like the Spaghetti Warehouse is a rich tasting meal.


  • 1/2 pound butter
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped garlic about 4 to 5 cloves
  • 1/2 cup grated Romano cheese, divided
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped parsley
  • 1/2 pound dry pasta - prepare according to package directions


In a small pot, melt 1/2 pound butter on low. Do not cook the butter on high heat, it will brown, and then burn. If you burn the butter you will need to restart the recipe. Chop garlic finely, and add to the pot. Simmer the butter sauce on low for at least 20 minutes. You want the raw taste of the garlic to cook out completely. Add about 1 tablespoon of the freshly chopped parsley to the butter sauce and mix well. Add 1/4 cup of the Romano cheese into the butter sauce about 4 minutes before serving.

Cook pasta according to package directions, and drain. In a large bowl combine butter sauce, and the pasta and mix well. Place pasta onto plates, and garnish with remaining Romano cheese and chopped parsley.

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  • bastisraul

    We made this last eve and it was extremely good. Added 1 heaping tbl of Italian garlic spread to the butter. It was a nice touch for garlic lovers.

    • Stephanie Manley

      I am glad you liked the recipe. It is a nice simple recipe. I bet it would completely delicious with some homemade pasta.

  • Bessie

    Nice dish, easy to make with a subtle but yummy flavor! I love that it uses ingredients I pretty much always have on hand.

    • Stephanie Manley

      I am with you on that one 😉 I generally have those ingredients too.

  • Country Girl

    Is the Spaghetti Warehouse anything like the Spaghetti Factory? I love their Brown butter and Mitzritha (spelling ?) cheese. Do you have that recipe?

  • Mpietrick4

    Made this twice now it is an easy sauce that taste amazing very good

  • Dnathan1280

    I made this the other day with penne pasta and it turned out very good! We will definitely make this again!

  • kirk hale

    As far as Spaghetti Warehouse copy, I disagree with the Romano cheese. I used one Tbs and didn’t add anymore to the finished dish and it was still fairly overpowering. We’ve been eating that garlic butter sauce (added with mushrooms) at SW for over 30 years.

  • Anonymous

    Made this for dinner last night, family really enjoyed it. Take your time and add the cheese a little at a time and it won’t clump together. Very flavorful and extremely easy!

  • Tricia

    Made this tonight and got great reviews from the whole family. Thanks!

  • Judy

    I made this sauce…and the cheese became extremely gooey and then balled up , when dropped into the butter, garlic parsley sauce. The flavor was good but I must have done something wrong….
    What type of cheese did you use? did it come already shredded, or did you shred it yourself? Sometimes in cheese that is already shredded agents are added to make the texture of the cheese not combine well together

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  • pam

    this was wonderful! i cooked it tonight!

  • jewels

    This is almost like the spahetti with hot and naked sauce that I make from Spaghetti Works. Awesome recipe. A must try for those who like garlic and of course, butter!