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Fast Food Burgers

Do you have a favorite fast food burger?Β  What do you look for in a fast food burger?Β Β A recent trip to Five Guys Burgers got me to thinking.

Fast Food Burgers

This last weekend I went to Five Guys, this was recommended to me by a co-workers and friends, during different conversations, and I thought, so this is worth stopping by. Honestly, I loved their homestyle old fashioned burger. They served a juicy burger, with a variety of toppings, and there you don’t need to pay extra any toppings, it isn’t the most economical burger, but it is a very tasty one. I liked their old style french fries, they cut them there, and then fry them, many people don’t like those kinds of fries, because they are darker. Those style of fries remind me of a bowling alley my next door neighbors had, and they would slice up a potato and deep fry it for you when you ordered. Tasty, and they reminded me of home.

I have to wonder if finally we are turning a corner on fast food burgers. In the area where I live, Houston, we have had the Five Guys chain move in, and

What’s your favorite fast food burger? What do you really like in a burger? Me? I like a juicy, not greasy meaty patty, that is piled high with fresh veggies. Now, I wished I had a photo of the burger that I had at Five Guys, it was incredibly tasty, so tasty, a picture wasn’t snapped. Smashburger, Five Guys, Steak and Shake, Whataburger, Fatburger, Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, are just a few of the burger chains that are out there? Where do you go for your favorite fast food burger?

  • Debbie McCarty Morgan

    Fuddrucker’s has my favorite burger.

  • Anon

    No recipe? Fock you.

  • Erich Wagenknecht

    what a fucking waste of a blog post. really you suck

  • KMS81

    I grew up with In-N-Out Burger so trying a 5 guys burger was a disappointment all three times. In-N-Out cuts the fries on site and also has their buns made special for them and buys special beef and real cheese not the stuff that I have gotten from 5 guys. Like I have said a million times to people if I wanted to eat a burger that tastes homemade I would stay at home where my burgers taste better than 5 guys.

  • Ellengalizia

    i think it’s great that there is a copy cat book, even if they can’t find my cock robin hsmburger recipe. maybe some day they will find it. thanks ellen

  • Ellengalizia

    recipe .for prince castle/cock robin chicago,illinois and suburbs

  • Ellengalizia


  • Lia

    what’s the recipe?

    • Stephanie

      There wasn’t a recipe in this post, it was just commentary.

  • Prince

    This site sucks!

  • random person

    wheres the recipe?

  • Bengrn80

    I used to work here πŸ˜€ I know the recipe πŸ˜€

  • dmw

    Try Cupps Drive In in Waco, TX or Ground Pat’i in Lafayette, LA or other south Louisiana cities. If I had to eat burgers for every meal it would be at Ground Patti but Cupps is a must every time I go home to Waco to get an old time burger and fries. 5 Guys, Fuddruckers, Red Robin, and Christi Mae’s (not only for burgers) in Albuquerque get an honorable mention too.

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  • Chefmoses42783

    five guys best by far!!!

  • Chefmoses42783

    five guys best by far!!!

    • Stephanie

      If you are in Houston, I highly recommend the Burger Guys!

  • Adam Gambuzza

    Where is the recipe?

  • Alex

    Can you tell me where that picture was taken because I swear I see my mom and I in the picture.

  • Alex

    Can you tell me where that picture was taken because I swear I see my mom and I in the picture.

    • Anonymous

      I took the photo at Five Guys in Atascocita, Texas

  • Anonymous

    Beck’s Prime, Houstonm, Texas!!!

  • Darin

    I’m an unapologetic burger snob and the best I’ve ever had is the $16 burger at Capital Grille. Get is with the parmesan truffle fries. After trying it you will often think of me fondly.

    • Stephanie

      Is this the Capital Grille in Houston, Texas?

      • Jason K

        It is on Westheimer a little bit west of the Galleria

        • Stephanie

          The Burger Guys is my favorite burger place πŸ˜‰

  • Martha Wilson

    I love Hamburger Depot. They are located in Beaumont Texas two of them and one in Kirbyville, Texas and the original one in Jasper Texas. Onion rings are homemade and great. Burgers are delicious.

  • Jake Reasonable

    Hi. I have spent the last 20 years searching the globe for the worlds finest burger. I take into account the bun, the burger, the things that are added, the price and the surroundings in which it’s served. It would be easy to say that the Burger King Burger, or the Wedy’s is the best fast food burger, and if you want a snack then that’s fine, but for the ultimate burger, you have to take into account the care and attention that’s gone into it.
    It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be over produced, it just has to be edible, nice, and one that you’d recommend and go back for.
    I have my own burger recipe, and I have my own guide. Unfortunately, some places no longer exist, but there are plenty that still do, and will give you a burger you asked for, and not some mass produced rubbish.
    Please reply on where you are, where you want to go, and what you’re looking for and I’ll guide you in!
    A good burger need not cost the Earth…..

    • jtrovi

      I am getting in the burger business and loved your post. How could I get in touch with you? M’y email is my handle at

    • Betty Spaghetti

      I’m in NYC and I’ve definitely had my share of burgers, I’m just curious where you think the BEST burgers are in NYC. Hoping it to be a spot I’ve yet to discover. Thanks :)

      • Stephanie

        Now if you ever come to Houston, let’s chat!

  • http://Website(optional) Pete

    It’s Drive-in in Lincolnton NC, Triple D should feature IT’S on their Food Network show. A real throw-back (featured in the new “Our Vanishing America” book). Been in business at least 70 years. I think they originated the “Carolina Burger” with chili, cheese, diced onions, mustard and slaw. The fries are great and you have to order a “Set Up” to drink. (You can add your own personal item to the Set Up after delivery,,,) Still a classic drive-in, you pull into a space (about 20 spaces,) and give your order over a speaker. Minutes later, you are served with a tray that hangs from your window. The PoBoys, Fish, and chicken sandwiches and plates are all top quality. In comparison to many of the listed chain restaraunts, There is no comparison. Home grown is best.

    • Pete

      And the reason it is called IT’S is just because the road sign says “This Is It”.

  • Fran

    I like Five Guys, but I have to tell them to really cook the fries or they’re kinda limp and mushy. I like crispy fries and as long as you make mention they get them right.

    Having a Five Guys craving right now! Might have to make that a lunch stop tomorrow since I’m off. :)

  • my95xjs

    You haven’t even been touched on Oklahoma… Five Guys is ok… Claude’s In Tulsa is five star and their hamburger steak with the onion’s fried in if a six star meal…
    Weber’s Rootbeer across the street rates a second rating…
    In-n-out in CA is a solid third, while everyone else is tied for fourth…

  • Dan

    Now, this if coming from a guy who spent of first career of 22 years, managing restaurants, who is also a Texas boy. So When I read this article, I had to respond.

    In Oklahoma city, My preference is Ima’s Burgers. As home made as they come and they definately pack them in durring lunch and dinner so go early. Not a real fast food place, but good food as fast as they can pump it out. Ranked 6th for all time for me.

    As for West Texas, 5 guys has made it to Lubbock, but in my opinion, still has a ways to go before they can compare to the local restaurant called SamBurgers who has been around for over 50 years.. Back in the early 70’s, Samburgers they had sue the now defunct Sambo’s chain… so they would not use thier name for Sambo’s burger. Juicy, Tasty, and seasoned as it hit’s the grill, definately. Ranked 5th in my top 5

    I too lived in East Texas and the person who mentioned Juicy Lucy’s was dead on. Although a bit greasy for me,definately the best burger in East Texas, which I rank it 4th in my top 5.

    I was introduced to 5 guys a couple of years ago in Lakeland Florida when I visited my daughter and son in law on vacation. For the exception of the sweet tasting dill pickles, It ranks as number 3 my Top 5 Burgers of all time. Oh and when you go there for the first time…. I don’t care if you weigh 125 or 525 lbs, get the small fries….It is more than anyone can handle.

    Without a doubt, my favorite chain of all times has to be In & Out burger which ranks 2nd in my top 5. With fresh made patties, and thin cut french fries, definately the best tasting burger on the West Coast. Unlike 5 guys who is beginning to franchise nation wide, In & Out, wants to keep things within reach and in control.

    But my all time favorite burger, might also be available in your home town. Without a doubt, Gene’s Tasty burger in Wichita Falls TX, is the standard for which all home town burger places are made from. Fresh made patties, freshly cut french fries, and possibly one of the best Chili’s I have ever had. Much like SamBurgers, Gene’s has been around for decades… 7 to be exact. in the same drab locatoin… but still going strong.

    If you ever make it through Wichita Falls, Gene’s on Holliday St, is a must try

    Thanks for sharing so much in regards to hamburgers, you definately sound like you know about your burgers! ~Stephanie

  • Kelly

    Here in Houston, my favorite place is Smashburger! Beats 5 Guys EVERY time! But, when we are in Tyler, TX we LOVE to eat at Juicy Lucys. πŸ˜€

    How could you not love a place called Juicy Lucy’s? ~ Stephanie

    • Donna

      Kelly, Just wanted to see if you’ve ever been to Sparkles Burgers in downtown Houston? No dining room, old, old turquoise building, but the BEST fresh meat burgers and hand-cut french fries in town. We live in Deer Park and drive down there about once a week to get these wonderful burgers and sit in our car and eat! Try it!

    • Becca

      I’m from Tyler and I haven’t heard of Juicy Lucy’s. Is it maybe “Juicy’s” that you’re talking about? They make a great burger there, probably the best in East Texas.

  • Ashley

    Boston Burger Company. Ever burger on the menu is amazing!! Even the kitchen sink that has a fried egg on it! Look them up at

  • Michael

    The best burgers in the world – WHITE CASTLE!

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  • Sherry

    In Mo we have Backyard Burgers. They taste like they have been cooked on a charcoal grill,. They make a Hawaiian burger or grilled chicken sandwich with mayo and terriyaki, plus lettuce and a pineapple slice. Juicy and wonderful, wish I had one right now! Would love to know their recipe and terryiki combo sauce.

    • Jan

      Ask for ingredient list!!!!!!!! Backyards Bgrs.
      Are not all beef. They are soy your paying for gmo. highly sprayed pesticide. What a bargain !

    • BurgerTime

      Backyard Burgers are awesome!! I wish we had them here on the west coast.

  • Danielle

    Best fast food burger for us is In N Out, Cheeseburger “animal’ style! So yummy. Their cheese is amazing alone, I sometimes order just a grilled cheese animal style. The burger (that is put together with some special mustard before grilling) has grilled onions, pickles, spread, lettuce, tomato, all on a slightly grilled bun! DELISH! If you are really hungry you can make it a double double or get a side of animal fries (fries, melted cheese, spread and topped with grilled onions). I have never met someone who didn’t like In N Out!

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  • Barbie

    I grew up on Steak And Shake burgers. in Illinois. They are the best, but they are not in Virginia. Virginia has Five Guys. I am just used to those thin pattys with all the wonderful fresh flavor. BTW …Steak and Shake have by far THE best french freis.

  • Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    Five Guys is absolutely my favorite fast food burger. The beef tastes like beef, I love skin-on fries, and I’m always down with a place that will let me combine bbq sauce and mayo on my burger. Sold!

  • Jason

    Where do i start? Up here in Dallas a local magazine publishes a “Burger Bracket” very similar to the NCAA final four. My favorite fast food burger is from a small place that has been around for about 50 years, Keller’s Burgers in Dallas. Yeah you sit in your car to eat but the burgers are the best I have ever had. The meat is thin, they don’t over use the topping, and a poppy seed bun. The best.

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