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CopyKat Answers – How do you make white queso?

How do you make White Queso?
So many mexican restaurants serve white queso, how may ask yourself, how do you make white queso? White queso may also be known as queso blanco. For this recipe you do need a specific ingredients, but often Walmart deli’s carry this ingredient, so we are in luck. The big secret ingredient here is American Processed Cheese that is white. Often when we think of American Processed Cheese, Velveeta comes to mind, but Velveeta’s taste is way too strong. Let me ward off those of you who say that Velveeta isn’t real cheese, or anything that calls itself food, is overstating its food value. While Velveeta may not be the world’s best cheese, it does have good melting properties, and sometimes only Velveeta will do.
For this recipe, I ask that you purchase white american processed cheese, I have found this cheese in Texas, at the HEB stores, you can also buy Land of Lakes White American cheese at the deli at Wal Mart.

White Queso

1 lb. white american processed cheese
1/4 cup chopped white onions
1 4 ounce can green chilies
1 tablespoon butter

Sautee chopped onions in butter in a saucepan over medium heat until the onions are transparent. Into a medium sized pot add cubed white american processed cheese, half of the can of green chilies (you can add the whole can), and prepared onions. Allow the cheese to melt through. Serve with corn chips. This cheese sauce can be thinned with a little milk before serving.

Other additions you could add to this recipe would be some pico de gallo, cooked taco meat, cooked chicken, and just about any other left over meat you have in the refrigerator.

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  • Reggaeman89

    Monterey jack, asadero, or chihuahua cheese is best. Along with cumin. That is if you want authentic. This is more of a american way. And it doesnt taste the same

  • Chicano

    Thanks for posting this recipe – it looks really good. I’m printing it right now!! Maybe make it for a super bowl party I’m going to.

  • bump fighter

    Looks like a really good recipe. It’s hatch chile time here in Texas and I bet some roasted hatch chiles would be amazing in this recipe. Thanks for posting this!

  • Planking

    Many real Mexican restaurants use American or Velveeta in their queso. I’ve had queso that was made with quality cheese at a restaurant and it was so oily – ick. In Texas at HEB or Fiesta you can get different Mexican cheeses that you can experiment with, but this looks like a great recipe. Thanks!

  • Christy

    I found they now sell the “authentic white cheese dip” in Value Market (Louisville, KY). It is refrigerated in the cheese/dip section. OMG it is sooo good. It comes in a bowl container, so it is ready to serve after you heat it up. The label even says authentic Resturant White Cheese Dip. this is the ste, whee you can search for a store near you that sells it. The mild is the best, it tastes just like the real ones.

  • dorinda

    I have found white pepper jack velveeta cheese with two and a half cups of cream and one half cup of sour cream is as authentic as you can get. you can add extra jalapenos if you like it hotter. This taste better than any cheese dip I have had in our Mexican restaurant in town.

  • Lauren

    White American Cheese is not what authentic Mexican restaurants use for their queso or queso con chorizo. These restaurants use a cheese that is called Chihuahua Cheese Log that (I find) can only be purchased at a restaurant depot. Chain and local stores usually do not sell this type of cheese. Even Spanish/Mexican specialty stores do not sell Chihuahua cheese. I searched for this cheese for years and White American (even the delicious Land O Lakes) does not compare. Find out where your nearest restaurant depot is located or speak to someone at an authentic Mexican restaurant in your neighborhood for advice on where to get this cheese. Since the restaurant depot in my area requires a special card to get in (much like BJs or Sam’s Club), I buy this cheese straight from the Mexican restaurant.

    Ok, let me just state, I am totally aware, and understand that using American White Cheese is in no way, shape, or form, any resemblance to any type of authentic queso. If you go to many of the Tex Mex style restaurants, my experience is that the queso made from American cheese, and not the authentic types of cheese. I appreciate your comments and the comments of others, but again, what I was shooting for was for the queso served in Tex Mex restaurants, and we all know that isn’t authentic Mexican food. I personally love the taquerias, on the weekend, you will often see me at one! – Stephanie

    • Guest

      Chihuahua Cheese can be found at Fiesta if you live in Texas. There has to be a high concentration of Hispanic people living in your area for there to be access to this type of cheese. It’s worth it to have some!

    • Guest

      Chihuahua Cheese can be found at Fiesta if you live in Texas. There has to be a high concentration of Hispanic people living in your area for there to be access to this type of cheese. It’s worth it to have some!

  • Anonymous

    You can use slices as well. Best two white american cheeses I have discovered are Boars Head (1) and Land of the Lakes (2). Usually can find them on sale. I prepare mine in the microwave. 1 lb. of cheese slices torn up in a microwave bowl, cover cheese about halfway up the bowl with half and half or milk. Add chopped jalapenos and a few drops of any good Jalapeno Hot Sauce (even better -1/3 to 1/2 cup of the green tomatillo salsa from Southwest Mo’s). Heat for two minutes on high, remove and stir with a fork to break up cheese, continue heating on high 1 minute to 2 minutes at a time until completely melted and smooth. Keep an eye on it in the microwave. It will boil over the top if you are not careful! I have discovered it tastes much better dipped out of the bowl versus scraped out of the microwave! Experiment with the basic cheese and milk mixture. – I have added cooked and crumbled chorizo sausage, taco meat, different jalapeno salsas served with tortilla chips or heated flour tortillas.

  • Meshelle

    1/2-3/4 lb white american cheese chunks
    jalapeno peppers, cut into small pieces
    milk, to texture
    salt, to taste

    Spray bottom of saucepan with Pam. Add all ingredients. Warm over low heat until cheese is melted. Stir to mix.

  • Christine

    Wow! Cheese! I love cheese and this particular white queso! Thanks a lot for sharing this.