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What is salad oil

So we know that peanut oil comes from peanuts, corn oil comes from corn, sunflower oil, well comes from sunflower seeds. So does salad oil come from salads? Well, I must say it does not come from salads at all.  In fact, salad oil can mean many different types of oils.

Salad oil is actually a generic term referring to a variety of oil that you can use for a recipe.  Many recipes written years ago often refer to salad oil. Lot’s of recipes in my grandmother’s recipe archives all call for this “salad oil”.  Salad oil is another term for a light tasting vegetable oil. You can use oils like vegetable, canola, corn, peanut, or other light flavored oils.  You will want to stay away from oils that give a lot of flavor to a dish.

You might be inclined to think that an extra virgin olive oil would be perfect for a salad oil, but it is not a good choice because an oil like an extra virgin olive oil has a lot of extra flavor.  An oil like a nut oil would also be a poor choice because they also impart a flavor that will not allow the recipe’s flavors shine through.  So when you see a recipe with a salad oil listed in there, be sure to pick something very neutral that will not give any additional flavors.

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  • evixir

    I’m looking through old recipes but maybe this will help someone — not sure if ‘sandwich oil’ is considered the same thing, but you can often find that product near the grocery store deli or sometimes in the salad dressing section.

  • Patcsrq

    I have often fretted because I took a gamble and used either vegetable oil or canola oil when a recipe called for salad oil. I have NEVER found anything on any grocery shelf that said salad oil. I finally woke up and “googled” it. Thank you for your explanation.

  • Socio BR

    óleo de salada, é um termo genérico ,utilizado pelos fabricantes de óleos para nomear um produto que é uma mistura de óleos, normalmente um sub-produto da indústria.
    O melhor óleo para saladas é o azeite de oliva extra-virgem com acidez de 0,5 %.
    Abraços Socio

  • Anonymous

    olive oil is great on salads. I’ve only ever used extra virgin olive oil on salad and I could not dream of using anything else. But then again, I’m Italian.

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  • MaggieB

    Not often you see that term in a recipe anymore… made me think of my daughter…. at Christmas time she borrowed my pizzelle iron & I loaned her my mother’s recipe that came with it.
    I got a phone call asking what the heck oleo is! LOL!
    I never had given it a thought before that, there are recipes out there with terms that the 30 and unders do not have a clue what some of the terms in them mean!

    • Jennifer

      That’s too funny, I was looking through a family recipe book and noticed a lot of recipes called for oleo. I had to call my mom and ask her what it was, I never heard of it! My mom got a kick out of that too.