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How to make vanilla sugar

Vanilla sugar can be found in high end gourmet and spice stores. Have you ever wondered how to make vanilla sugar? Vanilla sugar does not come inexpensively; you may wonder how to make vanilla sugar. Vanilla sugar can be used in many different ways, instead of regular sugar, use vanilla sugar in your coffee cup in the morning. You can also use vanilla sugar where recipes call for both vanilla and sugar. Want to make some Crème Brule, or even some cupcakes with some vanilla frosting vanilla sugar is the way to take your baked goods to the next level. Also, this makes a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life. So let’s get started on how to make vanilla sugar.

How to make Vanilla Sugar

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How to make vanilla sugar

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How to make vanilla sugar

This sugar goes great on many things!


  • 2 cups granulated white sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean pods


You can use regular sugar to make this, and you will need one vanilla bean pod. Vanilla bean pods can be purchased online or they can be found in many grocery stores. Place sugar into an air tight container. Bruise vanilla bean pods by bending and twisting the vanilla bean with your hands. Open the vanilla bean with a knife by splitting down the middle. Scrape out some of the seeds by running the back of the knife down the inside of the vanilla bean pod. Place the vanilla bean pod and the seeds into the container with the sugar. I like to roughly cut my vanilla bean pod into smaller pieces to help liberate some of the vanilla flavor into the sugar.

Once the two pods are sliced open, cut into smaller pieces put the lid onto the container and shake. Your vanilla sugar will be ready in a couple of weeks. Every day or so shake the container, to help mix everything together, this will make your vanilla sugar taste good. You can use the sugar straight from the container, and you can even add a little more sugar as you use some of the vanilla sugar. You will know the vanilla sugar is done because the sugar won’t be white anymore, it will be a lovely off white color with lots of specs of vanilla beans throughout the sugar. One tablespoon of finished vanilla sugar has the flavor of 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Vanilla beans should be soft and pliable when purchased. Do not purchase beans that are hard. The beans should be fat, shiny, and maybe even have some white residue on them. The residue is vanillin, and it s wonderful indicator of the good flavor inside the beans. If you are going to use the seeds for one recipe, consider making vanilla sugar out of the pods that you will have left over from that recipe.

Instead of buying more pricy vanilla syrup for my coffee in the morning, I use vanilla sugar. Do you have any food luxuries that you really enjoy? Can you make any of these luxuries at home to use or even to share with others?

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  • SilverRain

    I did this for a Girl Scout badge about 40 yrs ago. I put two Vanilla beans, scraped from the pods, into a quart jar of white sugar. My Mom & I would make it on Labor Day & let it sit [turning it end-over
    once a day]. Then we opened it on Winter Solstice to use in warm milk every night until spring; mmm. Thanks for reminding me of this. …..oh, we also put the empty pods into the honey jar to use in iced-tea during the summer. b/b)O(

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  • harcoutbreton

    I could imagine how the vanilla bean scent would make an incredible aroma.

  • Fran

    One of the luxuries in my kitchen is a product called Truffle & Salt. It’s a salt product we sell a Williams-Sonoma. It is a small bottle, but you only use a pinch. It’s got small bits of shaved black truffle in it and when you open the jar you are transported to an oak tree in France or Italy with either a snorting pig or a dog sniffing out the prized fungi next to you. The small bottle is $28, but as an employee it’s one of the things I revel in my discount for. As a matter of fact, I need to make dinner and think a bowl of pasta and some roasted asparagus with Truffle & Salt is the answer! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration.