Steak and Ale Meat Marinade – enjoy a steakhouse steak at home.

While Steak and Ale may no longer be around, you can still enjoy their steak with our special recipe.  You can use this marinade on steaks and chicken.  The Pineapple juice adds a complex citrus flavor to your meats.  With our recipe you can enjoy steaks and chicken just like they came from a steakhouse any night of the week.  The restaurant may no longer be around, but you can still enjoy food inspired by them.

Steak and Ale Marinade

Steak and Ale Meat Marinade

Steak and Ale Meat Marinade

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  • Recipe Type: Chicken Recipes, Copycat Restaurant Recipes, CopyKat Recipes, Meat Recipes
  • Prep time: 10 minutes
  • Cook time: 10 minutes
  • Serves: 10
Steak and Ale Meat Marinade

Enjoy the classic taste of Steak and Ale at home.


  • 3 1/2 cups pineapple juice
  • 1 cup soy sauce
  • 1 cup dry white wine
  • 1/2 cup red wine vinegar
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons Garlic, minced fine


Simply mix all together. You can let the meat sit in here for up to 24 hours. I would highly suggest a grilling, or even a pan-frying of the meat of your choice. Add a little bit of butter to the pan if you are going to cook it in a skillet.

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  • juliev1225

    Dread, you said you had a cook book, do you have the recipe for the brown bread they served? Also the French onion soup?

  • Beehive

    I worked at S&A as a waiter (1989-90). They used to make their own salad dressings on-site. The ranch powder was packaged in Kellogg’s Eggo branding — for instutional restaurant use . I’m guessing this was the buttermilk version of Hidden Valley ranch.

  • Jeffrey

    I made the Kingston Club marinade. It tasted nothing like Steak & Ale.
    Pineapple Juice
    Soy sauce
    Sherry wine (cooking wine) *wrong choice?
    Red wine vinegar * (some recipes leave this out) ?
    sugar reg. ( brown )?
    Where did I go wrong?

  • dread

    and I have an authentic S & /A COOKBOOK

    • stephaniemanley

      Lucky you!

  • dread

    Hi, my husband was a GM for Steak and Ale and I have some of the authentic recipes. such as the marinade for Hawaiian chicken and Kensington club. also the blackened chicken pasta .. ( the bomb !!) I will post soon.. not so sure of the dressings, but will look. I always hated blue cheese til I had steak and ales… OMG I so so so miss S& A.

    • tuziejack

      Were you ever able to find the recipes from Steak and Ale? My husband and I worked there during college and loved the restaurant and the food. I agree with the conversion to blue cheese after tasting theirs! Please post if you have re-discovered them. Thanks!

    • stephaniemanley

      I know people would love it if you posted some of the recipes.

    • Jeffrey

      I would love the recipe for the Kingston Club steak if you could share it. thanks

  • gotdewguy

    the original had sherry not white wine made a about 3 times a week back in the 70’s
    and made it at home.

    • stephaniemanley

      Thanks for the heads up.

  • Ddlepierre

    does anyone know the recipe for steak and ale prime rib

    • stephaniemanley

      I wished I had this recipe. It was amazing.

  • Rdm1971

    does anyone have the 1000 island recipe for seak and ale.

    • dido

      The 1000 island dressing came from a vendor called Eastern Foods. It was packaged in 1 gallon milk type cartons. In fact most dressing were purchased from Eastern Foods – I was a GM for S&A in the mid 70s

  • Ecriear2001

    Does anyone have the recipie for Steak and Ale bread. I worked for them briefly and remember that hot bread and that butter. Yum!

    • MF0723

      It was a honey whole wheat (served warm) with sweet butter. I worked in nj from 2003 until closing in 07 (08? I can’t quite remember)

  • Jrobinson723

    I worked at steak and ale for 12 years in Indianapolis, great place! miss it. I still use alot of their recipes at home

  • Jrobinson723

    I worked at steak and ale for 12 years in Indianapolis, great place! miss it. I still use alot of their recipes at home

    • Dfhutchmail

      How do you make the nine pepper steak. Sauce

    • Rdm1971

      why dont you share all those recipes with the rest of us steak and ale lovers. please.

  • Kevin

    You guys are pretty dead on on the recipes. The dressings were propriety items so no one actually knew what was in them but Marzettis dressing that you find in the Produce sections of most grocery stores was an approved vendor if you ever ran out. The Stuffed Mushrooms used a premade made crab meat stuffing mixture from an outside company. I worked for them in the mid 70’s as a unit employee and then as a Mgr/GM in the Tulsa/Dallas/FTW/Waco areas in the 80’s.

  • Anonymous

    You may want to try ebay. I once found a book for Bennigan’s online there. It wasn’t much of a help, but it had how to plate their food. It really contained no recipes, but assembly instructions.

  • Rdm1971

    does anyone have the cook books from any of the steak and ale restrants

  • Cherie

    I’m looking for the recipe for S&A Macaroni Salad, does anyone have it?

  • kst

    I am also an old S&A hand, worked at Odessa TX in 1990 & 95 and then Arlington (Six-Flags) in 1993. I still use these recipes, all I can remember was brown sugar, pineapple juice, sherry wine and soy sauce. Same with the Bourbon Steak, just more soy, brown sugar and bourbon no sherry. Remember the old food program? They would take a little out of each hour of pay……and ahh the salad bar…

    • Stephanie

      Woah, they just took money out so you could eat there?

      • kst

        It was a “program” you could get salads/drinks/etc for a small fee. (and I think meals were very cheap – $1.65 for a sirloin or something like that) Most people who work at resteraunts snack (which is basically theft) while they work so they figured they would make it honest – not a bad deal actually. And if you order a club steak don’t be surprised if that little tender piece is gone……a tasty 1″ piece of meat….

        • Stephanie

          Sounds like a good deal to me. At restaurants that I worked at, I paid full price, or maybe 10% off.

        • Terese Opiela

          Im hoping you can help me!

          I was googling recipes and came across your site. I am looking for the
          recipe for Steak and Ale’s Ranch Salad Dressing! It is also called the house
          dressing. It’s labelled “Original Hidden Valley” but the bottle or dry mix isn’t
          he same. It is for a special event for a huge fan! I have been looking all over
          for it. I read that it was mixed in the kitchens. Please help!

        • dread

          true dat !!! one could be so healthy and eat cheap there.. free salad bar . NO ONE does that anymore

    • Flipper

      The Hawaiian Chicken/Kensington Club steak marinade also had a dash of Ginger

    • dread

      dang my husband was the GM there in 1982

  • sharon

    Does anyone have the recipe for steak & ale’s 1000 island dressing. I loved their dressings!

  • tracie

    I made this marinade for our Easter dinner. I had fresh pineapple but no pineapple juice, so I threw some of the pineapple into the blender with some water and made my own juice. Marinated chicken breast chunks and steak chunks overnight. Horrible results! I grilled the meat along with veggies as kebabs. My mom took a piece of chicken as we were taking everything off the skewers and said, “Oh, I thought this was chicken, but it’s cheese.” Then she realized, it WAS chicken…with a funky texture…the beef..same thing. I guess the fresh pineapple enzymes really did a number on the texture of the meat. I’m assuming that canned pineapple juice wouldn’t do the same thing. The flavor was awesome…texure was very gummy…ewwwww!!!!!



    • Doug Lubking

      Long ago in a life far away I used to be a prep cook for steak and ale. All of the recipes are somewhere in on of my families houses. don’t remember them by rote, but the mushroom caps were stuffed with crab imperial. Pretty great stuff. online now looking for the old marinades. the hawaiian chicken marinade is correct but I don’t remember all the ingredients for the steak mar. wish I could.







  • Eward

    I use to be a Head cook at Steak & Ale for many years and this is the basic recipe for what was called a Club Steak,except the recipe called for Sherry not White Wine and the recipe didnt call for Red Wine Vinegar or MSG.

    • Doug Lubking

      Used to be prep cook. I think I have the recipe book somewhere. been looking for a few years hope I find it. Also don’t recall ever using MSG I thought the sherry was used for the chicken and a red something (wine or vinegar) for the steak. I do remember that the two marinades were different. Got the recipe for the French onion soup?????

      • Gary Lincoln

        The marinade is the same for the Kensington Club and Hawaiian Chicken. You are correct no MSG at all. I work for them for 25 years. Miss the old place.Nothing else like it.

        • stephaniemanley

          Thank for your tip on this, I want to try making the Kensington Club.

          • Gary Lincoln

            I will try to find the recipe, I have it somewhere. I will share it with you.

    • Gary

      Would you happen to have the recipe for the original French Dressing. I worked there in the late 70’s and have longed for this recipe. I remember they made it there and is was a light, light orange color. I think they moved to the Catalina stuff after that.

    • Gary

      Would you happen to have the recipe for the original French Dressing. I worked there in the late 70’s and have longed for this recipe. I remember they made it there and is was a light, light orange color. I think they moved to the Catalina stuff after that.

    • Mark-hathaway

      Club ,mari. is the same as the chicken mari. That is the truth , i worked for them for 15 yrs

    • Mark-hathaway

      Club ,mari. is the same as the chicken mari. That is the truth , i worked for them for 15 yrs

    • Terese Opiela

      Do you happen to have the recipe for Steak and Ale’s Ranch Salad Dressing?! It is also called the house dressing.

  • B G R

    The wine used was Sherry

  • bdt

    Teriyaki is the marinade,soak steaks for 30 min., chicken for 1&1/2 hr.and grll

  • Melissa

    Here is the recipe I have from S& A. I’ve had it for years.
    Steak & Ale Marinate

    8 oz soy sauce
    10 oz Sherry
    28 oz Pineapple Juice
    4 oz red wine vinegar
    ¾ cup sugar
    2 tablespoons MSG
    1 teaspoon garlic powder

    I usually bring to a low boil to dissolve sugar. Marinate meat or chicken at least overnight. Grill.

    • Josh Brown

      This is the correct recipe minus the red wine vinegar and MSG. This is only the Hawaiian chicken and Kensington Club (top sirloin steak). The marinade for Bourbon Street Steak (ny strip) is Bourbon, Soy, brown sugar, and water (equal parts), along with diced onion, and garlic

  • superdave

    i worked as a cook for s&afor 7 years in okc 20 years ago the recipe is wrong you do use soy pinn juice ond wine but you use garlic powder and white pepper and surger i dont remem the exact recipe. i wish i did i love the kensington club steak.

    • Danny Bolding

      How about the recipe for blue cheese dressing

    • Jesse

      hey David
      I worked at steak & Ale in GA. in 1982 I worked there for 8 years as a cook i also miss working there. I would like to find all the cook books that they had. I left and went into the USMC and come home at it was closing down so I went and ask if I cook get so kitchenware but I for got to get the recipe books….

      • Melba

        Jesse: Do you have the recipe for their pumpernickel rolls? They were delicious.

  • jeannette

    I used splenda, because i am diabetic, have you tried the recipe with sugar and you know it doesn’t taste as if you used brown sugar, because as a cook, I would tend to agree with you, but I read your posting after I mixed everything together, is there anything I can do to use brown sugar also?

  • epi

    you have to use brown sugar

  • Jennifer

    David….which steak-n-ale did you work at? And when?

  • David

    I used to work at Steak-n-Ale as a kid and worked with this marinade for a while. I asked, and the cook described it as “soy, pineapple, and wine,” but I never got the “official” recipe. A term of the employment was that they had to give you a meal during the working hours. Marinaded chicken breast was my favorite of all their food.

    I’ve come up with my own equivalent, but I appreciate seeing this here!