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Hooters Chicken Wing Sauce

Hooters Chicken wing sauce is a wonderful wing sauce. While you may have to provide you own Hooter’s girls, you can make Hooters Chicken Wing Sauce just like the restaurant does.  When your wings are done, coat them in this sauce and serve.

Hooters Hot Wing sauce

Hooters Chicken Wing Sauce

Yield: approximately 2 1/2  cups of hot wing sauce.

Hooters Hot Wing Sauce

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  • Recipe Type: Appetizer Recipes, Copycat Restaurant Recipes, CopyKat Recipes
  • Prep time: 10 minutes
  • Cook time: 10 minutes
  • Serves: 10

Make wing sauce for Hooters hot wings in your own kitchen. It is easy to do.


  • 1 1/2 cups unsalted butter (3 sticks Butter, softened)
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons Tabasco sauce
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoon paprika
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 3/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 tablespoons chili sauce


Mix all ingredients together. This will store well in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Serve this with the Hooter’s Hot Wings.

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  • Rushgrl2112

    One stick butter softened, 8-10 tbsp hot sauce, 1-2tbsp flour, 1/4tsp garlic powder and 1/4tsp onion powder. Boom. Now I have it whenever I want it.

  • Walter Penn

    Definitely doesn’t taste like Hooters wing sauce, the balsamic vinegar was a miss, and I am pretty sure the brown sugar and chili sauce is too. I tried it, I am not sold, I will look else where to find the right mix.

  • andyymann

    i worked at hooters in ft myers fl for 3 yrs, this is hooter “secret sauce” Louisana Crystal Hot Sauce and butter. Hot is straight sauce medium is 59/50, and mild is 75% hot sauce/ 25% butter. The flour used to be All-pupose flour, Cayanne pepper, accent salt, and I always throw some granulated garlic.

  • Chef T

    Hi guys im an ex hooters Chef, the exact recipe for the breading is 250g flour and 80g MSG. best oil to fry with is Palm oil

    • stephaniemanley

      Wow, the package has whole what in it. But man, that is a lot of MSG.

  • atfangirl

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  • Ron Profitt

    Your sauce was delicious. I’ve been working years trying to duplicate the hooters sauce in taste and texture. I believe hooters sauce to be more of a paste Than a liquid. I’m getting closer all the time but am still not satisfied with my current recepie. I Defiantly enjoy the hunt of perfection but I believe my family and friends are enjoying it much more than me!

    • stephaniemanley

      I think sometimes it is very difficult duplicating things in our own kitchens when they are prepared in corporate kitchens with ingredients that we don’t readily have.

    • Stephanie

      Maybe you want to try adding some xantham gum.

  • Ron Profitt

    A delicious wing sauce I agree but defiantly not a copy of the hooters sauce. Having consumed hundreds if not close to a thousand hooters wings from coast to coast I hold the hooter wing as the pinnacle of wings and this sauce does NOT replicate hooters.

    • stephaniemanley

      Thank you for letting me know you think they sauce fell short. I appreciate the input.

  • Foodie 4 Life

    Damn that was it!!! Right on the money :)

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  • Bethany Fasnacht

    When we made our sauce, it was really thick, like a wing butter. How can we fix this? I’d think you’d encounter the same problem after refrigerating?

  • Thevic29

    Guys don,t go to Hooters to eat wings..They go to see the Boobs hang out,and butt cheeks shining..As a wife this is disgusting..

    • Herronfarms

      abviosly you dont know guys as well as you think. do you watch tv as you eat, have you ever?

    • slammin321

      You have never ate there have ya? Jealous much? Love hooters and butts as much as the next guy but enjoy food sports and atmosphere there. Btw my wife loves it as much as I do!

    • WingLover

      I’m a girl and I love going to Hooters to eat! Nothing to do with the girls, just go foor the good.

      • Stephanie

        I think Hooters makes decent food.

    • john

      quite possibly the most ignorant response posted on this entire site

    • Dave

      Well my wife is better looking than any Hooters girl I’ve seen. We BOTH go there for the wings and have a great time. It’s a fun atmosphere. You should really try it sometime. It might kill that bug up your butt. I feel for your husband.

    • faye_valentine

      jealous? if the guys are checking out the girls – why not check out the guys? it’s as simple as that.

      by the way, this looks like a good recipe to try!

    • Tom Tomorrow

      Do you get out much? Guys can go to strip clubs for the boobs. As a wife of a man I can tell you Hooters is not going to ruin your marriage. Lighten up.

    • Wiseass Wife

      I am a wife and I love going to Hooters. Your disgust is more a reflection on your own insecurities than anything else.

    • Walter Penn

      I will tell you what I think is disgusting, is a wife who tries to hold the reins to tight and makes a her husbands life miserable. You sound like one of them. My ex-wife tried that crap on me, that is why she is now my ex…

    • TralFaz

      This type of woman posting this is precisely why Hillary Clinton will never be elected. Every time that woman speaks, men all across the country will be reminded of their ex-wives. All that will be missing, is flying ashtrays. Hooters used to have the best wings bar none. Now they have changed the recipe of their sauces and their wings suck. My wife and I have been going there for wings for nineteen years, and after tonight, i will never go back. And it isn’t because the broads were ugly. I can;t believe they would do something this stupid. This is as dumb as “New Coke” back in the eighties.

  • SassyCindy

    Stephanie thanks for putting this site up! I love it! I am going to have to buy your cookbook. My husband & I will love it! The foods we like without waiting in line or paying restaurant prices! Now I think I will invest in that deep fryer I have always wanted! Is there a deep fryer anyone would recomend?

    • Stephanie

      I don’t have one I can recommend. I just use a regular cooking pot 😉 I used to have a fry daddy, but I don’t even know if they make those any longer.

    • Melissadawn_82

      I just purchased the Emeril deep fryer with the Oil Filtration System from hsn and I love it so much you save money on oil and it frys everything up perfect and its soo easy to clean and dishwasher safe. We have made two batches of hotwings/deep fried oreos and corndogs and everything has came out perfect.

  • SassyCindy

    Thanks for putting this recipe up! I love hot wings! I cook up a bunch & freeze them so I will have a snack when I want & something easy to heat up when my husband is not home. He does not like hot wings! If I could figure out Tyson’s recipe (I know it is not a restaurant) I would be in hot wing heaven! I think they are close to this recipe!

  • Dd

    Chili sauce? Do I make my own or buy it of the shelf ? And if I do buy what brand?

    • Stephanie Manley

      You buy it, you buy the Heinz brand it is often sold next to the cocktail sauce.

      • Cesarin

        what other brands you recommend for this? I ask because we do not have much variation here in Mexico

  • sacurtis

    I can’t believe people don’t know what chili sauce is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Johnnybananas

      How about sriracha sauce? Or ponzu sauce? Or creme fraiche? Everyone should know everything? Dick.

  • None

    Ppl are so nice in these comments! Bet author is so happy to have shared!

  • Jmccllln

    butter or margarine–salted or unsalted butter I do know what chili sauce is–Moron

    • SassyCindy

      If you want to eat somewhat healthy, always pick butter! It is a little more expensive, but butter is a natural food & better for you than oily margarine! Butter is richer & tastes so much better too!

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  • Dewayne

    I use to cook offshore and at a restaurant where they were always a big hit.

  • ABitwise

    How many wings will this recipe cover?

    • Stephanie

      I usually get a two pounds out of this sauce.

  • Janet

    Do you have a milder version of the sauce receipe option?

  • Ralph

    This is the worst sauce ive ever tasted. The breading is really good though.

    • Stephanie

      Wow, I am sorry you feel that was the worst sauce you ever tasted. I have received lots of good compliments over the hot wings over the years. I apologize that you had a bad experience.

      • Rossrogers222

        Thank you Stephanie, I find that your recipes are all excellent.

  • http://Website(optional) angela

    what is chili sauce,

    • Stephanie

      It is a condiment, it is often sold sitting right next to the cocktail sauce.

      • Chilli

        what is cocktail sauce?

        Most simply it is a combination of Ketchup and Horseraddish that a lot of people use as a dip for seafood. Stephanie

        • kevin1

          It also normally has some lemon juice, and a dash of hot sauce such as cayenne or tabasco.

          • Stephanie Manley

            I will have to try it that way.

  • Teresa

    I have been making it this way for years and it is the best.